Mygroff DayNite®

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Mygroff DayNite ® is a natural product with health applications, unique in its class, formulated to promote the reduction of migraine symptoms, complementing the natural physiological mechanisms that produce and maintain normal levels of neurosensory activity, as an integral part of our natural balance.

Its unique features position it as the leader in a wide variety of options available to people suffering from the bothersome symptoms of chronic (migrainous headache) or acute (disabling attacks) migraine, such as conventional pain relievers, alternative remedies and herbal medicines.

Mygroff DayNite ® has no undesirable side effects or long-term risks, as it is made up exclusively of natural amino acids and proteins (in micro doses), which are an integral part of our normal biochemistry.

As a nutritional supplement used for 6 months or more, it offers long-lasting benefits, has no regressive or rebound effects, has solid scientific support and 25 years of clinical experience with optimal results that speak for themselves.

Enjoy Mygroff DayNite ® and forget about your headaches, recovering your smile and joy for life, to enjoy the healthy and natural state that you always want and appreciate!

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