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Biotehum® Laboratories is a Company dedicated to the research, development and creation of new natural solutions in the field of health through the integration of Nature, Science and Technology, in a harmonious and perfect mix, where Scientific discoveries are technologically implemented into useful products with a natural, safe and healthy orientation.

Our MISSION is to develop and make available to those who need it, basic naturopathic solutions and nutraceuticals with lasting or permanent benefits in the field of health, in a safe, effective and healthy way.

Our VISION is to remain the leading company of a new generation of natural nutritional products designed to activate normal physiological mechanisms to promote the recovery and maintenance of an optimal state of comprehensive health.

BioteHum® Laboratories are leaders of a new natural therapeutic era. With more than 33+ years of scientific research and decisive clinical experience, BioteHum® develops products that selectively activate natural physiological systems that help maintain optimal biological functions. Our products do not have undesirable side effects, regressions or rebound effects, nor undesirable or risky interactions with other treatments or therapies.

Our primary objective is to provide symptomatic improvement and lasting or permanent relief to multiple limiting conditions, symptoms or conditions of unresolved health problems, with a 100% natural orientation.

Competitive Advantages of BIOTEHUM® products


No. Our products do not replace any other supplement, medication or treatment.


They do not have any side effects, adverse or undesirable, of any kind.

Not necessarily. It is very stable between 5 and 55° C. Preferably keep it refrigerated, avoid freezing it or heating it above 60° C.


No. You just stop receiving your benefits.


No. It is made up of natural amino acids that are part of normal physiology. They do not contain artificial substances such as coloring, flavoring or preservatives.

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All materials provided through the BioteHum® website are for informational purposes and do not necessarily represent an official endorsement or position of BioteHum® or its affiliates or collaborators.

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